Music inspired in autumn

images-26What seasonal playlist could fail to include Vivaldi? From the Allegro’s post-harvest celebrations in ‘Autumn’, Vivaldi’s programmatic music transports us to the somewhat less vibrant morning after, where slow moving suspensions come as close to a musical hangover as anything you’ve ever heard. In the stately final Allegro, ‘The Hunt’, a virtuosic violin solo represents the hunter’s fleeing quarry, which they eventually catch and kill. Not so fun for the quarry, but a jolly old time for all the hunters.

Bax – November Woods (1917)

Though ostensibly inspired by nature, Bax’s November Woods also acts as a musical portrait of his turbulent love affair with pianist Harriet Cohen. An often unsettling work, the tone poem fluctuates between stormy drama and quiet ecstasy, yet fades to a quiet and unresolved finish.

Fanny Mendelssohn – Das Jahr (1841)

Fanny Mendelssohn wrote the piano cycle Das Jahr as a musical diary of the year she spent with her family in Rome. The 12 months are represented by 12 individual movements. In ‘September’ a flowing accompaniment overlays a dark melody in the left hand. ‘October’ is a brighter, march-like song, but ‘November’ returns to introspection and a minor key. She instructs the performer to play sadly.

R Strauss – Four Last Songs, ‘September’

Sometimes considered Strauss’s own musical epitaph, all of the Four Last Songs are themed around death. ‘September’ is a shimmering and uplifting work, which calmly compares the passing of the seasons with the passing of life. Strauss also includes a poignant and wistful solo for his father’s instrument: the French horn.

Beat of music automatically

imWhat most people call the sense of rhythm — the mechanism that enables us to clap along or dance to music — is an intangible ability that is exclusive to human beings. For example, imagine a barrel before it is placed inside a barrel organ. On the barrel, you can see exactly which tones will be played and for how long they will be audible. However, the regularity of the rhythm cannot be read on the barrel. This rhythm exists only in our heads, where our brain recognises patterns in the sounds. This helps us to predict the music, enabling us to synchronise our actions with it, i.e. dancing, clapping, singing or playing the violin.

Swaying back and forth

Human beings are the only species that recognise these patterns and scientists suspect that an evolutionary development is at the root of it. Music can work as a social lubricant within a community and a sense of rhythm enables us to make music with others or sway back and forth on the bleachers of a football stadium.

For five years, Fleur Bouwer plumbed the depths of the human sense of rhythm in order to map out the fundamental brain processes that lie at its roots. She discovered that both training — i.e. music lessons — and concentration — i.e. paying attention to the music — are unnecessary in recognising rhythm. Even the brains of untrained listeners can recognise the rhythm of a piece of music, even when performing a completely different task.

However, the PhD candidate would like to dispel one misunderstanding: the fact that nearly everyone is capable of recognising musical rhythm does not mean that everybody can dance to that rhythm. ‘This requires more complex motor skills on top of the ability to recognise the rhythm, and unfortunately these skills are not as universal to humans as the sense of rhythm.’

Parkinson’s disease

Although training and attention are not necessary for picking up rhythm, they do help. Professional musicians have been shown to be better than normal people at predicting notes in a rhythm based on the rhythm they recognised in an excerpt of music. This ability was its strongest when the musicians were concentrating hard. Bouwer: ‘My results show that, to a certain extent, the sense of rhythm is a fundamental brain process that develops unconsciously. However, training may well help you to make predictions based on the rhythm. This is useful when playing music or dancing.’

Bouwer hopes that knowledge of musical perception can ultimately be used to help people. ‘The brain scanner displays activity in the motor networks when people listen to music with a clearly discernible rhythm. I find that particularly interesting. Maybe we can eventually use this relationship between musical experience and the motor system to help people with motor-system disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. However, before we explore this possibility, we must gain a better understanding of the fundamental processes. My research contributes to this.’

On 7 June, a symposium will be held to mark the conferral of Bouwer’s doctorate, at which international scientists will share new insights into sense of rhythm and the brain.

Music therapy in surgical area

unduhan-30The paper, written by two music therapists and a nurse anesthetist at University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center, is based on what they learned while conducting a two-year randomized study to learn the effect of live and recorded music on the anxiety of 207 women undergoing a biopsy for breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The authors collaborated to introduce music therapy practices into the surgical area. In the study, they randomized patients into a control group (no music), a live music group, or a recorded music group. Due to limited time before surgery, the researchers presented patients in the experimental groups with a live song performed by a music therapist at bedside or a recorded song played on an iPod through earphones.

When self-rating their anxiety using a visual scale ranging from “not at all anxious” to “highly anxious,” participants in both live and recorded-music groups experienced a significant reduction in pre-operative anxiety of 42.5 percent and 41.2 percent, respectively, when compared to the control group.

“During our two-year trial, we gained information on potential benefits, challenges and methods of facilitating a surgical music therapy program,” said lead author Jaclyn Bradley Palmer, a board-certified music therapist at UH Seidman Cancer Center. “In addition, we learned approaches to integrating the program with perioperative nursing staff members.”

Palmer said that a music therapist may be highly beneficial in the surgical setting, and music therapy may be a means of enhancing the quality of patient care in collaboration with perioperative nurses.

“As an interdisciplinary surgical staff member, the music therapist may help nurses achieve patient-related goals of anxiety reduction, pain management, effective education and satisfaction,” said Palmer. “And by having professional music therapists facilitate surgical music therapy programs, nursing workloads also may be reduced.”

She said additional research should continue to study if music therapy programs in the surgical area have a positive effect on patients.

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The Most Reliable Silver Jewelry Manufacturer

Technological advancement has not left behind the industry of clothing knowing well that jewelry is widely used to improve the appearance of a person because of its advantageous features which attract a large group of people. The most widely used jewelry is silver jewelry because the consumers tend to benefits widely from highly from the cluster feature of silver which will definitely avoid tarnishing thus durable products without forgetting the desirable white color that attracts customers. Hence, the precious metal used and the varied uses of silver jewelry make the products beneficial to the clothing businesses making it advisable for all willing businesses to purchase the valuable silver jewelry.

The most dependable silver jewelry manufacturer provides a broad range of products of silver jewelry for wholesale and retail businesses and just to mention a few; earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and wedding rings and bands thus creating opportunities for many business willing to reach consumers. It is incredibly true that the businesses willing to purchase from the best silver jewelry manufacturer are educated on storage precautions, use and sales tactics not forgetting the products manuals they obtain to help the businesses to make increase sales and advise the customers. Moreover, the most concerned silver jewelry manufacturer assure their clients of quality services by providing more services including shipping services thus encouraging return purchasing and bulk buying.

It is incredibly true that the most dependable silver jewelry manufacturer assures clients of quality service provision by ensuring that their support staff and technicians are fully qualified with commendable credentials for quality service provision in silver jewelry. The most caring silver jewelry manufacturer ensure that their clients fully trust their services by obtaining licenses from statutory bodies and join membership in standardizing bodies with good reputations where frequent quality checks are carried out to promise quality services. In addition, the most reputable silver jewelry manufacturer ensure that their support staff and technicians are well motivated with allowances and insured during service provision to encourage total dedication in service provision.
Finding Ways To Keep Up With Businesses

The most assuring silver jewelry manufacturer encourage their clients to purchase the products in large quantity by keeping rates of the prices much lower which also benefits consumers from grass root level. In addition, the most dependable silver jewelry manufacturer create mutual trust with clients by providing commendable discounts which vary with the quantity purchased thus encouraging more purchases which lead to more sales because the consumers will have cut prices in return. In a nutshell, the fascinating thing about buying the silver jewelry products from the most trusted silver jewelry manufacturer is the fact that promotion services and products are obtainable by businesses which reach a certain target purchase with best payment methods including credit payment methods for frequent purchases.Businesses – Getting Started & Next Steps

The 9 Most Unanswered Questions about Entertainment

Saving Money on DJ Services Nothing is more important than your wedding. Your wedding is a way to express your love to the world. As you may imagine, though, it isn’t always easy to plan for a wedding. It takes real patience and focus to plan a good ceremony. As you may imagine, there are dozens of different things for you to think about. The guest list is crucial, and you’ll also want to think about the food. At the end of the day, though, nothing matters more than your entertainment. You need great entertainment to really set your wedding apart. While you may think about hiring a live band, it usually makes more sense to hire a deejay. A good DJ should be able to entertain the guests at your wedding. It’s worth stating, of course, that every deejay is unique in some sense. It’s your job to find a good DJ for your ceremony. Remember that finding a good DJ shouldn’t be overly complicated. By reviewing your options, you can find someone that you really trust for your next ceremony. Get started by considering price. The truth is that you should not need to spend a great deal of money to find a good DJ. If you do your research, you should find someone that fits within your budget. If you’re in the market for a DJ, you have several options. To begin, you’ll want to go online. A competent disc jockey will usually have a website. Remember that you need to learn as much as you can about a DJ before you hire him or her. Ideally, you will want to make a list. By interviewing multiple DJs, you will improve your odds of finding someone competent. Never forget that hiring a DJ is a crucial part of every wedding.
The 5 Laws of Entertainment And How Learn More
Planning ahead is a crucial part of finding a skilled DJ. If you know what you’re looking for, it will be much easier for you to find someone that you like. It’s crucial that you think about your scheduling. It’s a good idea to mark down the day of your wedding. Be aware that the prices for wedding DJs are often flexible. In the summer months, more people have weddings. This means that prices go up. If you’re interested in keeping costs down, it may make more sense to have the wedding in the winter. By reviewing your options, you can save money on your wedding DJ.
A Quick Overlook of Services – Your Cheatsheet
The next step in the process is to consider your playlist. It’s possible that there are some songs that are very special to you. You want to make sure that the wedding playlist reflects your values. Talk to your wedding DJ to learn more about your options for the reception.

Getting To The Point – Parties

Finding a Great Party Store It is extremely important to find a party store that you could trust on providing you all the needs of your party. As a result, it is going to be simpler and easier for anyone to plan and prepare for the whole event. Having said this, what does a great party store different from the regular product providers? Well, before you decide which party store is the right for you, here are some few things that you have to take a good consideration. What do they offer – it is essential to take it seriously that the store is offering customers with various options. You do not want to have the same type of party as what everyone else has in your town. Furthermore, you surely don’t want to be restricted by your imagination. A great and wonderful party store will already give you excellent ideas by simply browsing on their store. Be sure to ask for their catalogue so by that, you will have an idea on their inventory and what they can provide for your party. Employee knowledge and customer support – in the event that you have established a personal relationship with the party store, then planning your party will be a lot easier. The customer service at their store should be at a level in which you’re comfortable when asking questions and feel that you are genuinely assisted. It will be ideal if you are going to make inquiries on the store employees by calling them; this way, you’ll be able to assess their knowledge of certain events and customer service too.
What Almost No One Knows About Rentals
Do they provide online transaction – make sure that you will not overlook this. Giving you the ability to order online and be delivered right at your doorsteps is a huge advantage. Stores operating in the internet also have extensive selections of merchandises to choose from. With this, all the things you need at your party can be found in a single store. However, it is ideal to do quick research first about the legitimacy of the website when purchasing online; this is a must to guarantee that they’re not bogus or scam.
If You Think You Get Rentals, Then This Might Change Your Mind
Cost of service – see to it that you will be searching for several party stores and don’t forget to compare their prices. If possible, look for at least 5 to 6 stores so you will be able to have a good idea on which of them has the better deal for your money. If you are planning for a party, event or any other occasion, using these tips to find reliable party stores will undoubtedly make things a lot easier.

Finding Similarities Between Chairs and Life

The Advantages of Party Rentals Many would surely agree to the fact that one will surely be able to receive lots of benefits if they have decided to avail a party rentals sooner or later in life whenever they are going to have a great event such as a birthday party especially when it is a debut. There is no doubt when it comes to this statement as most experts would surely agree to it as they know how practical it will be if you will be renting out the facilities that you will be needing in hosting a great party. For that reason, we can really see individuals around us who do hire them in administering their own parties as they are very knowledgeable enough in transforming the venue into a nice one due to their creativity in designing it. This article is going to focus on explaining to you how beneficial it is for your part if you will avail a party rental to be able to save money in the long run as a lot of people would claim about it based on their past experiences. Thus, it would be best if you do completely scan this material for your further enlightenment about this topic as experts would advise you to do this for your own enlightenment. The next paragraph will proceed in discussing about the advantages that renting equipment will provide especially when it is big. Basically, a lot of people would surely claim that it much more practical for a person to avail rental party rental service for the reason that buying the facilities that you will be needing is obviously expensive as many individual would claim. There is no doubt about the factuality of this statement as we really do have an idea how expensive it is to buy lots of chairs and tables in order for you to be able to accommodate the needs of your visitors in your party. Another advantage that is very essential to be tackle about is how it is going to be very convenient to your part. Experts would surely agree to this for the reason that they have a lot of ideas about how accurate these people are in executing their task to make the whole set up of your party as beautiful as it can be. For that reason, we can really see around us that individuals would surely love to experience the services that a party rental can provide to them due to the positive feedbacks that people do. And last but not the least is that, you will never problematize in cleaning the party venue as they are the responsible people for it.

The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Services

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The 10 Best Resources For Toys

Amazing Facts on High Quality Toys It is important to highlight the fact that there are toy companies that can create small (four inches tall) posh collectible characters that have a very broad appeal. These toys are the best gifts for children because they are convenient to carry because of their small size, affordable unlike most collectible characters and are fun to play and these features not only make them attractive to children but also to fans and collectors of the popular licensed comical characters. In most cases they are usually given to children that are five years or less during holidays and special occasions. An incredible fact to highlight is that the toys have increased their appeal and it is not only kids that fancy them but also adults and statistics show that currently 25% of the purchases were made by women. It is important to state the fact that small toys are a new toy product that was introduced by toy companies in the last couple of years and they were a creation of great illustrators who came up with game changing ideas during a brainstorming session. A famous toy company began its first collection that was made up of eight characters that later increased to include twelve limited editions, five themed collections and accessories that were added to make up 50 small unique toys in 2014. In 2015, another new collection of 50 characters was added and this time, they included limited editions, new seasonal characters and fan convention-exclusive toys. In the same year, the company produced a huggable new 10.5-inch toy. It is vital to note the fact that in 2016 the collection grew and there were over 100 new small toys and the company diversified to include special small toys to mark special occasions like birthdays and weddings and among them characters from major films like were captured to celebrate their 50th anniversary. In 2016, the collection grew and there were over 100 new small toys and the company diversified to include special small companies to mark special occasions like birthdays and weddings and among them characters from major films were captured to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Around this time the company also created a unique collection of do it yourself small toys that are shipped to the client when they are blank and the fan can use their creativity to create a character of their choice.
Short Course on Entertainment – Covering The Basics
The truth is that the characters involved in the creation of small unique toys has increased from the previous 8 characters to include more than 100 characters from different licensors and properties and include princesses, favorite superheroes and even characters from favorite movies.If You Read One Article About Products, Read This One

Figuring Out Lessons

Advantages Of Singing Lessons Online

Due to the growth of the technology most of the people in the society who are aspiring to singers have an added advantage. Singing is one of the best paying as you employ yourself, and also income depends on how you entertain your listeners or else the message in your songs. The greater part of the vocalists goes for creating quality melodies which will be equipped at fulfilling their clients. There are different points of interest that one trying to be a vocalist gets by taking online based singing lessons.

To start with online singing lessons are available and also the cost is friendly as compared to attending singing lessons in voice schools. Some of the lessons are offered free depending on the site which you choose. You should identify singing lessons online that is convenient and which fits your budget that is choose a site that will give you value for your money. While deciding on the site to undertake your online singing lessons ensure that the one you take satisfies your interests and that you feel good while taking the lessons.

Taking singing lesson online will have an added advantage on the vocals as they will have a wider range and your lessons will teach you about the vocal exercises. The online lessons will also help you to go through the challenging melodies and the rhythmic patterns. Learning about melodies and rhythmic patterns help you learn what others do not learn, and this makes you to be more knowledgeable. You increase the volume of your sales since you have a bigger chance of producing songs that are attracting to your customers

Online singing lessons will likewise give you a chance to go through a variety of tunes which you can use for your practice furthermore tracks which are additionally helpful in the course. Using the songs for practice will eventually help you while deciding on starting singing your own songs and will greatly help in the growth of your career. Through the online lesson, you will have the capacity to find out about harmony which is an essential ability in singing and it’s taught through online lessons’ software. Using this software, you can comfortably practice singing with another person, and you can also learn how to blend your voice with that person.

Online singing lessons help you to become a professional singer, and you acquire singing skills over a very short time. In this manner, if you are dreaming and planning to become a singer, it’s fitting that you take web based singing lessons as they will be of much offer assistance.

Source: learn to sing

Where To Start with Services and More

Tips in Choosing a Lion Tattoo Design Lion tattoo designs are famous. Lions are believed as the most wonderful creatures in the globe. A grown-up lion’s roar could be heard from five or so miles in each and every location. Their particular roars are undoubtedly very high volume and menacing. The lion is famous because of its courage, toughness, magnificence, and pride. Lions stand for all of these attributes in most cultures for numerous years. These astounding animals tend to be known as the “King of Animals.” The lion icon has been employed as a sign of royalty for numerous years, a lot of humans want to distinguish themselves with the “King” of animals. It isn’t very surprising there are many lion tattoo designs available. Most people wish to get the one which is realistic looking. You can get an image of one which is calm or the one which is featuring its fangs.
Practical and Helpful Tips: Tattoos
An accomplished artist can also draw the one which looks just as if it’s roaring. With regards to tattoo designs and size, you could be as artistic as you desire. You can get something as basic as a lion head tattoo, or you could obtain a complete lion drawn on your skin. The size will be your choice.
The Essentials of Services – Revisited
If you would like a little lion tattoo that’s just a few inches or a huge one which occupies all of your back or front, you can try that. A lion tattoo could be as simple or as gorgeous as you prefer it to be. You can acquire a lion design with only one color, or you may also opt for a design with varied colors. Certainly, you need to take everything into account, like the color of a lion’s fur, mane, mouth, eyes, nose, and so on. As with just about any tattoo, a lion tattoo might cost you based on how big and sophisticated you like it to be. The more colors and ink employed on your tattoo, the more bucks you might be charged to spend for it. You could want a large, intense looking lion in its natural environment, but anticipate to pay an enormous amount of money for it. In the end, lion tattoos undoubtedly are a great way of projecting a graphic of toughness, bravery, authority, and pride. They are gorgeous, amazing, yet dangerous animals. Hence, provided that you have a capable tattoo artist and unique design and style, you can enjoy a symbol of pride, strength, and power onto your skin. Whether you seek a tribal design, backdrop image, or a lion head tattoo, you could be glad to find out that there were many before you who may have picked out such symbols of power for artistic reasons.

Discovering The Truth About Tips

Great Bonding Activities with Friends Being with friends is something that gives us much enjoyment in life. And we always want to spend days with them because we are comfortable with them and it is a lot of fun when you are all together. With friends, you can be yourself without any thought of being disliked for your quirks. This will allow you to do whatever you want without hesitation. Of course doing whatever you want without hesitation has its limitations, and it should be something that is not offensive to the others and within the bounds of decency. The times spent with our best friends are always fun-filled and exciting. You rarely experience things going wrong when you are with your true friends. It is great to do things that is really worthwhile that can help all of you in some ways. Below are some suggestions of activities which can help enhance your bond with each other. One fun thing to do together is to learn new skills. Potentials can be tapped when friends learn skills together. You can inspire one another to develop new skills and discover a whole new world together. With your friends, making mistakes is no big deal. When this happens, you don’t feel inferior or insecure. It can actually be fun to make mistakes. Mistakes can teach everyone a lesson and it helps everyone to improve.
5 Takeaways That I Learned About Ideas
Getting a makeover is fun to do with friends. Everyone has flaws and with friends telling it to us we usually don’t get offended by it. They can help you in making you become a new and better individual. Shopping for clothes of going to the salon together can be a lot of fun. Perhaps you might think that this is just for girls to do. Boys can also do these activities – buying clothes together and having some hair makeovers too.
Finding Ways To Keep Up With Activities
Sports activities are fun things to do with friends. If you join a fun run together you can experience the thrill and excitement of running together and with a larger group. You can play tennis, golf, go swimming, join sports clinics or whatever sports you want to participate in. A weight loss challenge is good for friends who are burdened with extra pounds. Going together in weight loss activities and programs will encourage you to reach your goals and share your progress with your friends. Social weight loss programs will be more rewarding if done with friends especially if it means going through the best weight loss diets while having fun. You can go to a lot of nice places with your friends.

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What To Know About Edge Control Brushes It is important that you take good care of your hair in order to keep it beautiful. That is why a lot of women these days are really investing on different hair products in the market. If you have beautiful hair, you have good health and personality. You are lucky if you have beautiful natural hair already. You don’t have to worry if in case your hair does not look good now, because working hard can do the magic for you. If you work hard, you can easily maintain and get the hair you want that you appear so beautiful. In other words, working hard means you have to take good care of it well. If you want to look good, then you must add beauty to your hair. First of all, you have to consider doing some researches about it so that you can know how to properly do it. All you have to do when it comes to beautifying your hair is to prevent it from breaking. If you want to buy a good hair accessory to make it beautiful, the best thing you can choose is the edge control brush. It is impossible to keep your hair healthy without this hair product. If you want to get your hair beautiful, then you must consider this on your budget list. It is also important that you know how to hold this brush with your hand. You have to also be familiar with the different sections of the brush so that you can know how to properly placed your fingers on it. By knowing this information, it would be easy for apply the brush to your hair. The other reason why this is important is because you would want to control the brush in an easy and manageable way. One of the important factors that you should also take note of is the length of your hair. When it comes to hairstyles, you have to know which brush is able to give you the style you want. The truth is that there are still other things you need to check first. Aside from that, it is also very important that you know the size of the brush that you need.
Questions About Combs You Must Know the Answers To
The edge control brush is also good for combing hair that is wet. There are times when women just have a hard time combing their wet hair that is why this product had been invented. What most people like about this item is that it has soft bristles in order to protect your hair. This is very important especially if you are someone who wants to have different hair styles for the hair. The other good thing with the product is that it is suitable even for women who have different hair types.Practical and Helpful Tips: Brushes

The Beginners Guide To Entertainers (Getting Started 101)

What to Do When You Want to Have Fun with Strippers for Hire With the modern busy lifestyle where each person is very busy in doing so many activities, one attractive source of fun and also relaxation is actually partying. People wish to take a break from their lives and to have fun with their friends and also their families by socializing at parties. It is now becoming very difficult for people to have some time out of their busy schedule and attend the different types of parties. But, people must relax and enjoy in some form or the other. It is really important to have peace of mind to be able to refresh oneself. Stag and hen parties are really common and popular sources of entertainment especially among the youth. During such parties, the hot women strippers are surely a special attraction. Without thinking twice, women strippers are the most appealing factor to the guests in the hen and stag parties. They are really admired and they are in demand by those who are searching for amusement and enjoyment. From female and male strippers to the bikini waitresses and topless waiters, options for entertainment are quite many. The women strippers are quite amazing and they have well-maintained bodies too. Other than their lovely and well-maintained bodies, they work on their body language to satisfy the guests. The strippers can also be hired to perform at any venue such as the bar, hall or the home. The women strippers are certainly the most excellent people to add for some fun in the stag and hen parties. They do look classy with their dress and makeup. The dresses which the strippers wear at the parties are revealing to guarantee that the guests can see the provocative bodies and get turned on. Along with the attractiveness, they tend to show this level of attitude that keeps grabbing the attention of guests and make them very mad on the party. The women also ensure fun and make sure that all guests really party to the fullest. The women strippers are also very professional in their work and also they add to the purpose of the parties through understanding the needs of the guests and by behaving accordingly.
If You Read One Article About Entertainers, Read This One
If you want to have a lot of un, the stag and also the hen parties must be considered. Aside from the boring and hectic schedule, joining the well-organized party with those hot strippers can add this sense of fun, enjoyment and entertainment. When you want the party alluring and also interesting, then the services of the strippers for hire can surely add unlimited fire and charm to such party and make the event more memorable. You can also make the party fun by inviting the women strippers.The Essential Laws of Dancers Explained