Creating the Ideal Setting for An Afternoon Visit With a Friend

It’s been a long time since the friend was able to come for a visit. Wanting to make the occasion special, the decision is made to prepare tea and and few light refreshments to enjoy while the two parties visit on the patio. Putting together the right elements is not as hard as it may seem at first. In fact, everything can be ready in no time. Here are some tips on how to proceed.

Choosing the Tea Set

Since this will be an outdoor visit, why not go with a pot and cups that are simpler in design. The expensive set can remain in the china cabinet. Bring out the simple set that includes a clear pot with matching cups and saucers. The nice thing about this touch is the clear glass will look great with just about any color scheme the host decides to use.

How About the Tea?

This occasion calls for something better than using the typical loose tea or some type of blended herbal tea bags. Go with a Flowering Tea as a way to add something unexpected to the arrangements. Consider the flavor options carefully and choose something that will look great with the type of refreshments being served. Since the flower will open in the hot water found in the pot, it also gets to serve as one of the focal points of the table.

What Type of Refreshments?

In keeping with the simplicity of the arrangements, go with something like English biscuits and possibly some jam on the side. If there’s time, consider the idea of making a small platter of cucumber sandwiches. The idea is not to have the time replace the evening meal; all that’s necessary is something to nibble on while the old friends catch up.

Remember that the right tea will add a great deal to the visit. Choose a flavor that the guest is sure to enjoy and build from there. Once the decision about the tea is made, it will be easy to settle the other details about linens, cookies or biscuits, and any other elements needed to dress the patio table properly.